When it comes to interior design, we always have to be up-to-date with the latest trends. And there’s nothing like Pinterest to help us with that task. Recently, we’ve been using this much-appreciated tool, expecting to see Scandinavian Style everywhere, only to be surprised. In fact, there’s way more than clean, light decors being heavily pinned in the social network. Today, Daily Design News will show you the interior design trends that are taking the UK by storm. Check them out and be inspired.


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The 70s inspired interiors



As fashion continues its love affair with the 70s, homes are paying homage to that decade too. The Brits are apparently in favour of more bold colours and textures in the household decor.


Bringing the outdoors indoors



In the late sixties, it was all about bringing the outside inside and it seems like the trend has come back around. From splashing the colour green on the tiles to featuring shower plants in the bathroom, inner horticulturalists are taking over.


Eco Kitchens



Sustainable home decorating is on the rise. Brits are growing confidence in DIY furniture and making the most of inexpensive ethical materials and discovering Plywood kitchens.



The curated home



Brits are more organised than ever – but they’re also less precious than we’ve ever been – as we’re happily adopting ‘no closets’ for small spaces with simple clothing rails to help organise their clothes and open shelving in the kitchen.


Diverse colour palette



Watercolours are back en vogue this year with printed watercolour paper, kitchen splashbacks and navy bedrooms on the rise in popularity. Copper is also showing no signs of slowing down and continues to shine.

Less is more



Brits are taking quite the simple way this year. Searches for clean and simple decors have heavily increased, leaving us to think that they had enough of clustering.


Creative wall decorations for kids bedrooms



Wall stickers are becoming a decoration hero for kids’ bedrooms – and it makes sense. They’re easy to remove, less messy and the result is quite cheeky.


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