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Thinking of doing a home makeover? Well, perhaps you should take a look at this article first. In here, you’ll find some incredible interior design ideas, with some awesome Covet Group brands. From your dining room to your bathroom, we’ve got all covered with our ultimate decor guide 2018 for every room. Check it out and feel inspired.


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The Dining Room


This is one of the most important sections of our home. It is here where we host our dinner parties, where we spend our most precious family times and, occasionally, where we have our romantic dates. A spot-on dining room design can bring wonders to the rest of your home decor. You can start by designing this rather special room and build the rest of the decor around it. It’s actually a no-brainer.



Keep it simple, golden and luxurious. A big dining table is a way to go if you like to have people over. It brings back that medieval vibe of huge banquets and long conversations all night long. If you want to make it lighter, just place a nice grey rug underneath it. This way, your enormous table will feel a lot lighter. As for the chairs, these beautiful golden chairs will be everything your guest will speak of. With their slim and sleek design, they’ll feast the eyes of the most demanding guests. As a featured piece, we suggest a nice, golden chandelier. Hang it on top of the table, high enough so no one is bothered by it, but low enough to be noticed. Finish the decor with a nice mirror, it will expand the room and the walls won’t be boring and/or blank.


The table


Empire table, Boca do Lobo


The chairs


Nr 11 chair, Boca do Lobo


The chandelier


Newton chandelier, Boca do Lobo


The mirror


Filigree mirror, Boca do Lobo


The Hallway


This might not seem of the utmost importance, but trust us, it really is. The hallway is the room that connects all rooms, and the first thing our guests see when they enter our realm. A nice first impression really is required, and, for that, the decor has to be unique too.



Keep on going with the black & gold narrative. The luxurious vibe of a good decor will emanate to your adjacent rooms and everyone will feel like they’re in a 50 shades movie. A golden suspension lamp will is perfect for capting everyone’s attention and, to complement it, a nice pair of wall sconces can do wonders. Finish it off with a nice bookshelf, where you can store your belongings and you can place your decorative objects.


The Lamp


Babel Lamp, Luxxu


Wall Sconces


Gala Torch Sconces, Luxxu


The Bookshelf


Mulligan Bookshelf, Essential Home


The Living Room


Now, this is very important. The living room is the ultimate chill zone, where we go after a long, hard day of work and just sit there, catching up with a tv show or reading a book. It’s our personal lounge, so we have to take good care of it. It is also a hotspot for entertaining, as we can easily share drinks and stories with our closest friends and family members. A luxurious yet comfortable decor is mandatory, and we’re here to help you.



Keep going with the dark walls. That’s your decor theme. But, in the living room, you can light it up a bit, with a dark grey shade, or even dark green or navy blue. The good thing about these colours is that it becomes really easy to splash some colour afterwards, like a puff, a chandelier, some pillows or even a couch. Regardless how much you enjoy watching tv, the right tv table will complement your decor like no other. Pick a good rug, grey rug and a wooden centre table and a rather comfy couch, and you have yourself a cosy yet stylish living room.


The tv table


Lautner tv table, Essential Home


The rug


Burton Rug, Essential Home


The centre table


Sequoia Centre Table, Brabbu


The sofa


Bourbon Sofa, Brabbu


The Puff


Florence, Essential Home



The Master Bedroom


There are those who argue that our bedrooms are the most accurate mirror of ourselves. We can’t now that for sure, so we rather go with something stylish. This is our most intimate place, our very own space in our very own house. We have to make it our own, it’s not enough to say ”that’s my bedroom”. The decor we chose says it is our bedroom, and so do the furniture pieces we’ve chosen for you.



Despite feeling a little bit too feminine, millennial pink is one of the hottest colours right. Its pastel-like shade makes the room look soft and comfy and it goes perfectly with your dark walls. A golden side table is the perfect luxury accent to the decor, and it is a rather good option to put your mobile phone when you go to sleep. Luxury and functionality. As for the rug, it should match the bed. Even if it isn’t the same colour, you should seek for harmony between these two features.


The bed


Sophia, Essential Home


The rug


Kubrick, Essential Home


The side table


Botti, Essential Home


The Master Bathroom


Our personal spa. You spent more time in your bathroom than you could possibly imagine. So let’s make it rather stylish, shall we? The goal is pretty clear: it has to be luxurious. You want to feel like you’re in a Dior commercial and that you’re Charlize Theron. You want to feel like you own it, and to be able to relax at the same time. A black and gold bathroom will keep the luxurious feeling going while you relax on your bathtime, sipping a nice flute of champagne and listen to some music. The perfect alone time.



In this ambience, we can see how the bathtub really is the focus piece on the decor. Not the wall panels, not the mirror, not the marble. The bathtub. A good stand-alone bathtub should be what you’re aiming at, and then you’ll do the rest of the decor. After you get the tub, you should pick a nice washbin and a golden-accented mirror. After you get those, you can focus on the walls. Some dark panels work, but you can go for some rather light ones. for a change. It won’t affect the luxurious narrative on the decor and it will increase the mood of the room.


The bathtub


Newton Bathtub, Maison Valentina


The washbins


Eden Washbin, Maison Valentina


The mirror


Ring Mirror, Maison Valentina


The Kids Bedroom


Finally, the decor for the little ones. This one could be tricky because we don’t want it to have a childish decor, but, yet again, it is a room for kids. We want their creativity to spark, we want them to feel free and, most importantly, we want them to be happy. You can have a stylish and luxurious decor that can do it all to kids. Just watch.



Create a fantasy realm for them, one that they’ll want to share with their wee friends. Choose a light colour for the walls or a rather light wallpaper with a smooth pattern. This balloon bed is incredible, and it will be the starting point for their adventures, like in the Disney movie UP!. Then, go for some white bookshelves, where they can organize all their favourite toys and books. You can turn it up a notch with a cool, fantasy-like mirror and some chairs for them to sit around. You’re kid’s going to love it.


The bed


Fantasy Air Bed, Circu


The bookshelves


Fantasy Air Bookshelves, Circu


The chairs


Illusion Leopard Chair, Circu


The mirror


Chameleon Pink Mirror, Circu



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