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Maison Valentina brings you the Hottest Bathroom Design Trends for summer 2018. We might still be in spring, but summer is just around the corner! With the change of season, most people will want to refresh their bathroom space and explore new trends and ideas. So this summer following this trends you will elevate your bathroom to the next level showing that the bathroom can be the trendiest and hottest space of the house. So let’s take a tour and see the bathroom design trends for summer 2018.


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Escaping To the Spa

In an age when we are busier than ever, a spa-like bathroom is a necessity. In order to elevate your bathroom to a spa-like you will need muted lighting, deep soaking tubs, and lots of soft textures. After this transformation you will have a warm summer storm every time you step foot in the bathroom.

Diamond bathtub is designed in fiberglass with a luxurious black high-gloss finishing. The diamond shaped sculptural body is based on its name, making it a exquisite item in any modern bathroom. This bathtub also presents a golden rim, a small detail that stands out.


Japanese Calm

The new serenity trend is inspired by the Japanese notion of Zen. Traditional Japanese bathrooms are nothing short of a serene scenic journey into a misty rainforest. With attention to color, design, placement and utility, the Japanese really focus on creating a peaceful space that is useful yet pleasing. Soft brown, gold, white and smooth granite surfaces are all trends in modern Japanese bathroom design.

The Koi bathtub features an aged brushed brass base resembling the scales pattern of the Japanese Koi carp. The contrived patina iron tub has an oval shape and a curved lip, making it the perfect resting spot for your head. The name of this contemporary bathtub and the Japanese word for love are homophones making the carp a symbol of love and affection.


Metallic Glamour

There is definitely a trend emerging for modern metallic finished, and it’s worth tapping into for your new bathroom design. Gold is definitely experiencing a renaissance now, but it’s important to set the right tone, so add a gold tap, for example, and this will give the feeling of glamour without veering into tackiness.

Lapiaz bathtub design comprises a modern and sophisticated delicacy along with a sculptural appeal, giving a strong personality to your bathroom. Inspired in the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks, this unique square bathtub exposes its gold and rich interiors that contrast with the mirrored sides, producing a luxurious design artwork. A statement piece that stands out due to its elegance and sensuality.


The Return of Color

Whites and neutrals will probably never go out of style in the bathroom, but try to introduce color and have some fun in the process. Blue color palettes are also on-trend this year. You will see since blackened to denim blues mixed with metallic hues.

Newton is an outstanding moment of design inspiration. This bathtub features a single-slipper style shape, a timeless detail that conveys comfort. It has a distinctive curved lip, made out of gold plated casted iron, revealing a golden interior. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres make the perfect combination to make this a sculptural and artistic piece.


Darker Tones are Hot

In a space known so long for its neutral whites and light wood stain colors, the dark shades are starting to conquer this space. This includes dark tile flooring, grey painted elegant cabinets, matte black plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware and even dark painted accent walls. Though the trend is slow, darker tones are definitely here to stay.

Newton is an organic shaped washbasin made out of casted aluminum spheres that merge to create a tabletop, providing a unique design approach to this bath- room decor piece. The spheres are finished with a high gloss black lacquer, contrasting with the cutted ones on the counter, finished in casted brass. It features an integrated round sink in polished brass for some golden accent. It is a true piece of art!


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