On last September, right after Beyoncé’s birthday, the couple purchased a 26$ million mansion and joined the Hamptons crowd.


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The mansion has seven rooms and seven and a half bath home that feature marble from Verona, Italy. Is located in the East Hampton and has 112m² on two acres of land. Along with that, has a 61m of waterfront, so, their kids will have plenty of space to play for the next years. Next to the main house, exists a guest house with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom, in case they argue with each other.

But, a dream is still a dream and the couple hasn’t spend quality time at this mansion and surely won’t do that as soon as they wish. In June they’ll start over their international tour in Europe so, over the summer they will not enjoy their million mansion as much as they planned.

The mansion, originally built by the 19th-century architect Stanford White was rotated 90 degrees by the builder Jeffrey Colle in order to the living room could face the water. The mansion features hand-carved, heated marble tubs, hand-pegged parquet de Versailles floors and 18th-century Louis XV carved-stone fireplaces. But, unfortunately none of this seems to be attractive enough to drag the couple to their new home. But, if they changed their address, maybe the neighbors (that include Steven Spielberg and Ronald Perelman) will pick it up for them!

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