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The Venice Design Week (VDW) is a huge design experience, composed of all sorts of exhibitions and events. The VDW, as it is explainable by its name, takes place in the amazing Italian city of Venice, from the 7th to the 15th of October. The event attracts designers and design companies from all over the world, participating in exhibitions, competitions, and some special events. Anyone who goes to the Venice Design Week can visit exhibitions of contemporary design and explore every square foot of Venice while discovering how the classic designs were projected. And, like always, Daily Design News is here to tell you everything you need to know about one of the best design events in the world!

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Giusi Castaldo

Since 2002 and onwards, Giusi Castaldo is the lead architect and co-founder of the Unisono Produzioni Association, whose work spreads through the cinema industry, design and artistic training for the social masses. Her most recent design project is the Little Tu table lamp, which won the Iron A ‘Design Award 2017 prize. Giusi Castaldo will be present with her renowned product at the exhibition ”Light = Emotions”.

XFrame Studio, Federico Sutera

The Xframe Studio is headed by the photographer Federico Sutera, whose areas of expertise lie on commercial and documentary photography. The Studio itself was launched in 2011 and it is located in the Giudecca Island. Federico’s documentary work is often focused on social themes linked to the Venetian territory, and with the environment. During the VDW, the Studio will host Residual, a project developed by the Portuguese João L. Moreira, and Venice For Sale, by Federico Sutera.

Aisegul Telli

Aisegul Telli is an Istanbul based chemist who foud her true passion lurking in jewelry design, after contiously looking for a proper way to trnsmit her emotions into contemporary art. The Istanbul designer created projects that go from darkroom to digital underwater photography, fashion styling to watercolor painting. In 2014, she introduced her first jewelry collection called Undersurface, which draws inspiration from her diving sessions in the Indian Ocean. Her jewels have been exhibited in countries such as Italy, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Belgium, China, USA, Turkey, amogst others.

Simona Materi

Simona Materi was born in 1971 in Caserta, and she currently lives and works in her art and jewelry design studio, in Molise in Venafro. She has participated in numerous national and international contemporary jewelry exhibitions, in important public and private institutions, curated by AGC, and other contemporary art and calcography organizations, from 2004 to the present days. The absorption of the motion of the calm waters of the lake and the movements towards another body, as a result of prolonged visual contact.

Nobahar Design

The term Nobahar means Spring, a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth. These are the principles implied in Nobhar Design. Each piece is crafted on a strong concept and every idea is translated into a meaningful design. Nobahar Design is based on mix and match, the combination of tradition and innovation in every aspect: materials, designs, and concpets. the FITWTL Brooch is produced by the additive manufacturing technique.

Michele Malin Design

Michele Malin was born in Rovigo, in 1981. During his student years, his interest in the design world grew stronger, so, in 2013, he got a degree in Industrial Design at the Padua University. When he was but 24 years old, he created his own menswear brand called miniMALINism. ”Fashion for different people” was the motto, established in the following year’s several partnerships with stylists and fashion design studios.


Ever since 1926, Tonon, a beacon in the chairs and tables industry, represents the Italian Style based on the design, quality, and sturdiness of the pieces. The decor ability is the key element in common to all products of the company, proposing creative solutions through the continuous research for new technologies and materials. In April 2016, the Riverside model was introduced for the first time during the Salone del Mobile Milano and, in short, it has been awarded 7 design prizes . Riverside‘s organic design with 3D geometry draws inspiration from nature.

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