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Step Inside the Enchanting World of Artist-Designer Hubert Le Gall — A bold combination of sophistication and amusement, Le Gall’s art furniture creations are a pure enchantment.

Inspired by some of the greatest artists of all time such Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau and Max Ernst, the contemporary artist introduces humor and beauty into everyday lives everywhere. Self-taught as an artist and sculptor before delving into the design world, Hubert Le Gall uses classic materials to create pieces that inspire laughter and enchantment, while being meticulously crafted. A frequent star on the international design scene, he also exhibits and sells his work globally.

The even greater news about Le Gall’s collection? Now you can decorate your own home with unique pieces inspired by regular things in the daily basis life and see how beautiful they can look when worked the best way. Daily Design News has some mind-blowing pictures to share you with you. Check them out!

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It’s all about a kind of parallel universe where different fairy tales have come to life and proceed to dialogue with one another. The vision is whimsical, the shapes unusual, the proportions oversized, the materials lavish, and there’s always the recognizable hint of childhood. There are rabbit ear armchairs, chamomile commodes, sheep dressing tables, dog lights, bull cabinets, giraffe chimneys, raindrop mirrors and skull sculptures. It’s like “everything is possible” in Le Gall’s fantastical world.

Le Gall merges himself with creations stemming from his overflowing imagination, which sprawls somewhere between contemporary art and decorative object. Although, about himself, the artist admits:

“I don’t see myself as a designer because I have more an artistic approach than a design approach. But do I see myself as an artist? I don’t know because I make decorative art; I don’t paint. I always say that I am a creator of furniture. I am more an artist than a designer. That’s why I’m more interested in the world of art than the world of decoration.”


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