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Organize Notes on Page and Screen with Moleskine Smart Planner — Users can coordinate their schedules by syncing notes made on the Smart Planner’s pages to all their devices.

Italian stationery brand Moleskine releases a planner that syncs with phones, computers, and tablets, adding to its collection of smart products able to digitize handwritten notes pretty easily. And Daily Design News‘ editors are all crazy about it!


The product develops on the early technology of Moleskine’s Livescribe notebook and pen, which employed motion sense software to turn handwritten content into digital image files.

Users can organize their schedules by syncing notes made on the Smart Planner’s pages to devices.

Each of the Smart Planner’s paper pages has a concealed grid that uses coding developed by digital solutions company NeoLab Convergence to translate written information to iOS or Android devices.

For text to be recognized, users must write with Moleskine’s latest smartpen model, Pen+.

Pages on the left-hand side of the planner are dated from January to December, while the right-hand side features ruled lines for more general note taking. Meetings or special events that are recorded on the left are synced to online calendar systems such as Apple’s iCal and entries written on the right are sent to a corresponding app called Moleskine Notes, where material can be edited.

The Smart Planner features a hard black cover and elastic closure, following the aesthetic of Moleskine’s other products.

The stationery also has a wider Moleskine+ collection, which includes a selection of smart sketchbooks that use Creative Cloud to let artists turn their drawings into workable digital files.

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