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Meet Foræva, a Sculptural High-Tech Dress Made of Swarovski Crystals — To complete the dress, it took a team of 15 people almost six, painstakingly long months!

Fashion designer Lana Dumitru and architect Vlad Tenu have created a one-of-a-kind project with Swarovski, taking fashion and digital craft to unbelievable levels. Inspired by the traditional Romanian rug’s folk pattern, the duo got inspiration to digitally replicate it using over 25,000 Swarovski crystals. Moreover, Daily Design News present you the Foræva dress, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous piece with design required computer 3D simulations, algorithmic design methods, and digital prototyping to achieve the finished product.

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The undulating lines of the design were formed by custom algorithms that also defined the reinterpreted pattern of the rug. The Swarovski crystals then act almost as if they were enlarged 3D pixels. To complete the dress, it took a team of 15 people almost six, painstakingly long months!

About the film above:

«Captured in a spectacular short-film, Foræva is a story about humanity, mythology, and space. It starts in the next space age and brings the ancestral tradition back to the present time. It is a dress for Æva – the symbolic character coming from the future to inspire and guide us through the rediscovery of our quintessential values, opening a constellation of new possibilities for shaping our future heritage. She is the old Eve and the future one, carrying tradition like the most fashionable thing in the galaxy.»

Photos: Christian Tudose | Video: Studioset | Model: Andra Axentoi | Source:


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