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Once again Maison Valentina will be present at the Hall 24 – Stand H01 in the 57th edition of the Milan Design Week 2018. iSaloni 2018 will take place between 17-22 April. This event is composed of different exhibitions spread over the various pavilions in Rho Fiera Milano. Boasting more than 2,000 exhibitors, a display area of more than 200,000 square meters and thousands of new products premiered at the event, the Salone is the benchmark trade fair on an international level, attracting more than 343.602 visitors from as many as 165 countries. Also, this year theme is focused on the bathroom, where the International Bathroom Exhibition will be boasting the best of bathroom furniture, shower and sauna stalls, taps, jacuzzis and tiles.



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In this year’s edition, the luxury bathrooms brand will present our ATO Collection, new mirrors and of course two of their most demanded collections.




The ATO (Assemble to Order) collection is a luxury collection, constituted by sinks, taps, and surfaces, meaning that you are able to choose from different components adding the perfect touch to your project. This gives the possibility for homeowners to do a little makeover in their bathrooms instead of an extreme makeover. In this edition, we introduce two new sinks to this amazing collection, as well our beautiful taps.





Elegance is a three-hole mixer tap that fits perfectly on any countertop or sink. This piece available in many finishes will add your bathroom the elegance and glamour you deserve.





Co0per is a mounting floor mixer that is perfect for any freestanding vessel sink. Its modernistic design will adorn your bathroom creation. This tap ability to provide water to any given location separates it from other offers.





Maison Valentina uses the highest quality materials and textures, giving them shapes through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, finding the finest example in this sink. Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This sink represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire.





The Duorum vessel sink is a unique piece made out of marble. To create it our designers inspired themselves in the majestic Douro Valley landscape, in Portugal, known for its beauty and fertile fields. Choose from three different types of marble: Nero Marquina, Carrara and Estremoz getting the luxury touch your project deserves.




The Newton Collection


Newton Bathtub



Newton is an outstanding moment of design inspiration. This bathtub features a single slipper style shape, a timeless detail that conveys comfort. It has a distinctively curved lip, made out of gold plated cast iron, revealing a golden interior. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres make the perfect combination to make this a sculptural and artistic piece.


Newton Freestand



Newton is an organic shaped washbasin made out of casted aluminium spheres that merge to create a tabletop, providing a unique design approach to this bathroom decor piece. The spheres are finished with a high gloss black lacquer, contrasting with the cutter ones on the counter, finished in casted brass. It features an integrated round sink
in polished brass for some golden accent. It is a true piece of art!


The Symphony Collection


Symphony Bathtub



This emotional cylindrical bathtub is inspired by music. The gold plated brass tubes give the needed touch of luxury, making the Symphony bathtub a piece of elevated design. The tub is made of white fibreglass giving it a clean look perfect for any luxury bathroom.


Symphony Freestand



Symphony draws inspiration from music, being wrapped by a polished brass tubular structure that resembles the organ tubes. This freestanding is handcrafted with the finest materials: it sits on a high gloss black varnish base and to complement, the sink is made of Nero Marquina marble, giving it a genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance in any luxury bathroom.


The Mirrors





This unique mirror is inspired by the Tortoises hard outer shell. It’s made of high gloss black lacquered wood that contrasts with hexagonal Anthracite, Nero Marquina and Yellow Triano marble details. This glamorous pattern makes this piece easy to combine in different luxurious environments.





Sapphire mirror gets its name from its resemblance to the blue precious stone: Sapphire. Made out of Cornered Polished Brass this mirror is a versatile piece for luxury bathrooms. It can be displayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation.





Glimmer Mirror, as its name states, adds to your project a faint and elegant light. Glimmer Mirror’s subtle lines and crystal details are the results of a precise handcrafted process. A precious piece of art with eight brass details adorned with crystal appointments that elevate any environment. Luxury and glamour are surely granted.





The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. With an elongated shape, the Colosseum mirror has a fusion of modernistic and classical elements depicted in the golden arches which turn this into an exquisite design piece and a perfect accessory for
a luxury bathroom.




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