Maison et Objet 2018: Get Here All Info Need About DESIGNERS’ STUDIO — Discover all the potential offered by the best meeting place dedicated to business meetings and networking between professionals of the specifiers’ sector.

In case you’re one of the lucky ones that are attending to Maison et Objet Parisprobably the world’s most influential design event of the year —, you must get some of your time to explore all the potential of one of the best design events worldwide. As you know, Maison&Objet has as one of its goals bring to all visitors a unique experience involving the newest products, the brilliant creative minds, essential workshops, and inspirational ideas. Are you curious about this? So pay attention, because Daily Design News will talk about one of the most important services offered at Maison et Objet 2018: DESIGNERS’ STUDIO, a space that optimizes the interaction between specifiers (Hall 5B). CHECK IT OUT! 

© Anne-Emmanuelle Thion – Concept September 2016 by Ilse Crawford

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The best meeting place dedicated to business meetings and networking between professionals of the specifiers’ sector, DESIGNERS’ STUDIO is only for specifiers, hotel owners, exhibitors labeled special ARCHI.DESIGNER, press, and institutions.

© Anne-Emmanuelle Thion – Concept September 2016 by Ilse Crawford

For all your business projects, you can enjoy exclusive services at the Designers’ Studio:


Gain some time in the development of your project. Hopfab makes the call for tender of your project and gives you access to their network of more than 100 selected craftsmen. Available @ the Designers’ Studio, January 19th-23rd.

FOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT OWNERS and MAISON&OBJET are happy to offer you a free consultation with an architect, an interior designer or a decorator! Available @ the Designers’ Studio, January 19th-23rd

Furniture selection and interior design by Philippe Boisselier

On presentation of your badge with the special ARCHI.DESIGNER pictogram, or your Press badge, you can enjoy a special welcome in a space specially designed and equipped for your business appointments.


As every session of MAISON&OBJET Paris, the Designers’ Studio has welcomed the International Associations Meeting. This event gathers the presidents of the designers’ association from all over the world. Each president introduces his associations and then meets each other to exchange, share information and plan some international cooperation.


We were delighted to participate in this exchange with other associations of interior designers from several countries. It was very rewarding to hear their careers, their projects. As we are a recent association (4 years), it inspires us and motivates us a lot. After the official presentation, we talked with every participant, and we hope that may lead to collaborations.(Delphine Denis-Pidoux et Nadine Rapp, chairman et co-chairman of UFDI)

Credit image © Edouard Ducos

Attending the Associations meeting at M&O gave me insight into the developments of the international organizations supporting design professionals. It was a great chance to network with these associations on an individual level and create future business opportunities for our membership.(Jacob C. Vogelsang, President & CEO of Creative Design Alliance)

Credit image © Edouard Ducos

I am delighted to have been a part of the International Associations Meeting during the last edition of Maison & Objet Paris. It is a major initiative from the organizers to create that specific environment for business community leaders. I enjoyed being in contact with colleagues and hear their presentations that allowed me to understand how the associations in other countries work. I would like, in the future, to create a debate among associations on specific issues, such as promoting design or interaction between business and industry.(Philippe Deroy, Member of the board of DArA – Decoradores Argentinos Asociados)

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