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Ishizuka Restaurant is the new addition to the Melbourne’s Bourke Street.


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Kaiseki is a centuries-old Japanese haute cuisine tradition described as an art that is only practised by the most experienced culinary masters, it’s not quite the sushi and sashimi we are accustomed to. The menu has 12 courses and it’s meticulously prepared and served in a prescribed order, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, . The restaurant is led by the acclaimed chef Tomotaka Ishizuka and he hopes to introduce to the local food scene a refined and delicate Japanese food art. The restaurant has 16-seats and opened doors in January.



The restaurant’s tableware was produced by Kyoto ceramicists Shigeo and Yotaro Takemura of the Dainichi Gama studio, the tableware are all around a central counter. The venue was designed by Russel & George that transformed this subterranean space into a light and airy one with a contemporary touch that features a huge white dome reminiscent of a Japanese lantern and the wine and drinks were meticulously selected by David Lawler from Rockpool and Spice temple.


Ishizuka Restaurant clients can expect a huge variety of dishes that are perfectly balanced between texture and taste, starting with a bouche of sea urchin and spanner crabe, followed by Zensai involving five delicacies like black tiger prawn with caviar, Osuimono soup, two varieties of sashimi, grilled red bream and a serve of sushi, all of this culminates in a dessert of seasonal fruits.


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