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The International Bathroom Exhibition is an expanding and dynamic exhibition. The 7th edition will see 228 exhibitors ranged over 20,600 square metres. A larger-than-ever exhibition area will showcase the best of the international manufacturing, from furniture and accessories to shower cubicles and saunas, sanitaryware and radiators, coverings, taps, bathtubs and hot tubs. Join Daily Design News and find out what you should be expecting from one of isaloni 2018 best exhibitions!


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The prestige of this biennial exhibition is attested to by the return of leading companies and the advent of new exhibitors and by the attention to the quality of the displays, which capture the concepts, philosophy and history of their manufacturers, enhancing product experience.



The new products featured at the International Bathroom Exhibition reflect the ongoing evolution of this particular space. Bathrooms have gradually moved from being strictly utilitarian and functional places to areas geared to wellbeing and relaxation, and are now taking on new connotations, becoming digital and green-oriented while retaining their power to excite the emotions.




With today’s firm standpoint on ecology, the need to drive down environmental impact is paramount. Ethics and responsibility have become the sector’s new buzzwords. Water saving, energy efficiency, use of recyclable materials and antibacterial finishes that cut down on the use of detergents are now possible due to the requisite technology is already in place. Sectoral manufacturers are thus looking to a better future and investing in innovation.



This is confirmed by the increasingly pervasive and invisible use of technology as a valid means of improving the domestic experience. Not just smart showerheads and taps that help drive down water and energy consumption but also domotics and digital devices for integrating and transforming rooms as needed, adjusting bathroom temperature, music or coloured lights, for example, as well as the height of sanitaryware.



The latest bathrooms have lost none of their power to excite the emotions, they remain areas dedicated to self-care, to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. They represent an evolution of the spa concept, laying greater stress on the holistic and private dimension, with designs, materials, colours and technology all chosen to boost the feeling of relaxation.



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Source: Salone del Mobile.Milano