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Interior Design Trends 2018: Meet the Patterns You’ll See Everywhere — Whilst there are some patterns that still a trend over time, for an interior designer is important to be aware that there are also those ones which cease to be a trend really really fast.

Season after season, design trends renew themselves and new and exciting ideas making their way through our homes for good. If you’re one of those whose has a colorful way of life, brace yourself because this year will be filled with color and a wide array of exciting new patterns that thankfully made their way through the interior design trends 2018 too.

Furthermore, Daily Design News has selected some of the patterns that you will most likely see in every stylish home across the world over the year. TAKE A LOOK!

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Starting weel, tribal patterns usually known for their intricate patterns and fierce hues and tribal prints have been making their way to our hearts and our homes for a couple of years now, but it is finally in 2018 trends.

♦  80’s PATTERNS  ♦

Meanwhile, it seems that the 1980’s style is back in full force! The colorful and geometric 80’s patterns used during a time of revolution and rebellion couldn’t be any more relevant for 2018.


On the other hand, floral patterns and floral prints will be pretty much everywhere, and not just in our homes, but in our wardrobes and everyday clothing as well.


And last but not least, tropical patterns were so strong in 2017, with everyone loving palm tree wallpapers, that this trend will be moving over to 2018 with even more exotic and colorful patterns. In fact, over the next year, tropical patterns and tropical prints as well come in bold colors to rule walls, upholstered furniture pieces, and even ceilings.

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