A modern home requires a contemporary decoration and design. You have to pay attention to every detail because one special element can make the difference. And the key element can and will be a rug! There are an infinite number and variety of tencel and wool pieces that will add personality and a high-end vibe to your project. You just have to know how to pick them! Come with Contemporary Rugs and see our selection of the right modern rugs for your space! Join Daily Design News and get some incredibly useful interior design tips on how to pick your perfect modern rug!


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When considering your decoration, first and foremost, you have to know your room and its needs. Living room rugs are important. They will be at the centre of everything. A bright and soft rug like the Merfilus Rug can be an excellent option!



One of the most important things you have to be careful about is selecting a rug whose size fits the designated space. A room-size rug is essential in order to create an interior space that was thought out and well-decorated. A neutral-toned rug, such as the Gobi Rug can do wonders in a sober and fierce living or dining room set.



Small area rugs also add something to the design. They are that special and peculiar detail that will make your guests love the space, take, for instance, the Royalis Rug, that features such unusual yet spectacular materials and patterns.





Round area rugs are also excellent options! They are perfect to create a harmonious atmosphere, seeing that they are not imposing and they can also bring all the design elements together, take, for example, the Audrey Rug. Its mesmerising pattern of coloured triangles will bring a unique touch to your interiors.



Round rugs or rectangular, that is up to you! What is really important is to choose a complement to the room, that does not affect its mood or your experience. Take this example, the vibrant tones of the Monogamy Rug match perfectly with these grey sofas. This is the sort of detail you have to pay attention to when buying a rug.



A stylish and contemporary design results really beautifully when large rugs are incorporated, as you can see in this set, that features the graphic Prisma Rug. This patterned piece embodies a sense of culture and balance, perfect for the most elegant dining room.



If you are having trouble in deciding each rug to incorporate into your home decor and you don’t have a budget, then a good option is to go for the unique and artistic. Quite often, these pieces are stylish and give an unparalleled aesthetic value to your home, completely enhancing the overall design, such is the case of the Savana Rug, an hand-tufted piece that tells an extraordinary narrative with each zigzag and motif.



Add an extra flair to your living room by selecting a rug that combines history, culture and art all in one majestic piece. In this set, you can see the Cuzco Rug that was inspired by the motifs used in the Inca textiles. It is made in hand tufted dyed wool and depicts a simplification of these patterns into different stripes of geometric shapes and lines, resulting in a sober but rhythmic composition.



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Source: CovetED Magazine