Interior Design Tips: get ready, because you’re about to learn all you need to know about the 2018 color trends and how you can apply them to your projects.

When it comes to interior design, to be a step ahead in such competitive market, a golden rule to pay attention is learning all you can about the color trends and how you can apply them in your own design projects. For this year, all predictions round up about vibrant colors, classic neutrals tones, and white and warm golden hues. And you probably know already, with a new year always comes the new trends to watch. Therefore, Daily Design News is here to help you by selecting some mood boards that are pure luxuriousness. CHECK THEM OUT!

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It’s not new that golden hues are a huge trend in luxury interior design, but this upcoming year gold will be thriving. And in order to add richness and warmth to your interior design project, enhancing everything around by evoking nothing but luxury. In this case, pick golden lighting and furniture to enhance your project.


Red is such classy, powerful, bold and fiery color! And a simple touch of red in a dining room decoration, for instance, can go a long way into making this room more appealing. In this case, pay attention to our suggestion: Charla Dining Chair in red.


And if even with so many trendy options like the ones we’ve presented above you are still in doubt about what will be the color scheme that you will apply in your interior design project, back to basics… BACK TO BLACK! Although it is a color often associated with sophistication, when combined with other of the biggest color trends (golden, for example), it becomes pure luxuriousness. It’s such a daring color, but still the best one!


White is often associated with brightness and light, and with minimalist interiors. To get that “wow” factor when decorating with white, our suggestion is by choosing a white and golden color palette, capable of making any interior pop.


Definitely, 2018 will be the year of all shades of grey, such timeless and soothing color that can take the main role in every interior, from the simplest to the boldest. If grey is your color, our suggestion is the Saboteur Armchair.

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