Well, It’s official, we’re in February. You know what that means right? Time to bring out our A-Game for Valentine’s Day. In this article, Daily Design News will help you to set the mood for the perfect Valentine’s Day with the best interior design tips. Join us, and prepare for a night you’ll never forget with the best luxury Valentine’s Day decorations ever!


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Bring Out the 50 Shades of Gray Vibe


There’s no better opportunity to incarnate our favourite 50 Shades characters. Sure, the kinky stuff’s fun, but we mean it all. Embrace the lifestyle! A black and gold decor can do wonders when it comes to giving a luxurious yet romantic vibe. Your Valentine will love it, and the night will be smooth sailing.



The Vertigo Centre Table, by Luxxu Home, brings out the cosmopolitan luxury that everybody loves. Built with marble and brass, it will give your living room a luxurious 50 Shades look, slowing down time and making every second count. Put on top some lustful roses (we recommend the ones below, from Luxury Roses) and we guarantee you’ll get lucky.



The Perfect Spot to Watch The Notebook


One thing is for certain: sappy movies are mandatory in Valentine’s Day. There’s no escaping it, the odds are one of the people involved in the date will love to watch a sappy movie, most likely The Notebook (probably the sappiest movie of all time). Another thing’s for certain, nothing makes the train moving like a sappy movie, so, we got to have the perfect ambience for such. A nice 2-seater couch can do wonders…



The Namib 2-seater chair is perfect for the job. It has that romantic Victorian vibe, that everyone loves. It’s basically a no-brainer. You just have to sit there and wrap your arms around your date. Play The Notebook and maybe have a box of tissues next to you. There’s no harm in being prepared for every occasion.



Is that a vase, or 2 people kissing? For the sake of our narrative, we’ll go with 2 people kissing. The Vase modern rug, by Rug’Society, will help to set the mood from deathly boring to artsy romantic. As well as the other pieces, it will go great with your all year round décor.



Create Your Own Wonderwall


Liam Gallagher from Oasis knew what he was doing when he wrote this mushy song. What he didn’t know is that we can apply it to the decor. Before you sing it to your partner, get your own design wonderwall.  All you need is a nice sideboard, a cool mirror and an awesome table lamp, then you may get your guitar.



The Majestic sideboard, by Boca do Lobo will do it like no other. Its black finish, with carved rose flowers, will even catch the attention of the most unromantic person on the planet.



As for the Botti table lamp, inspired by the great jazz musician Chris Botti, will bring the luxury vibe to the decor. Although designed to resemble trumpets on the lamp shades, we’re going to say it looks like beautiful golden flowers (because it does resemble flowers).



Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest couple of them all? No other mirror will tell you the answer like the Venice. Heavily influenced by art, the Venice mirror will bring a romantic artsy vibe to your decor, becoming a focal point in your decor.



If you’re willing to go that extra mile to transform your home into the ultimate love nest, then we recommend the KOI II screen. It will bring a Japanese vibe to your home, making you think of blossoming cherry trees and beautiful koi lakes. And it’s great for your Feng Shui (also applicable in the Japanese culture).



We gave you some helpful hints on how to crush in your Valentine’s Day décor, and now it’s up to you. Prepare a killer meal, set up a nice table (flowers and candles everywhere) and bring out the good booze. Play some sappy tunes in the background (we recommend Valentine’s Day Love Playlist, on Spotify) and let the magic happens.



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