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It is important to keep up with the latest trends. This time, Daily Design News brings you a lively selection of 2018 Color trends one should most certainly follow when it comes to contemporary Rugs. To achieve this, we are going to display a series of contemporary rugs from the luxury brand, Rug’s Society which has four marvellous collections, GraphicModernSavage and Royal that combine the best techniques in tapestry and design, creating products that have an extreme artistic appeal.


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With specialised designers, Rug’Society aims to bring the history and culture of tapestry to a current design in a way not to be just rugs, but works of art. In addition to residential projects, the brand extends to contract ones too in order to create all flooring covering solutions through our high-quality materials. These custom-made rugs are bound to enhance your home decor, and you can also use them in your bedroom to add glamour and style.


Light Blue with a Touch of Surrealism



Since ancient times, Blue has been one of the go-to colours to use when it comes to interior decoration as it has the power to add a sense of freshness and brightness to a room. An example of that is the Miró Ruga fierce creation that goes beyond design limits and expresses a sense of surrealism through black lines that match perfectly with the blue tones.


Shades of Orange with Accents of Gold and Black



While the Rebhun Rug features an intense shade of orange as its primary colour, it also highlights a charming mix of colours that evoke a sense of strength, power and sophistication, all balanced with accents of gold and black.



An Eclectic Mix of Red, Orange, Pink and Purple



The astonishing Toulousse Modern Rug is idyllic to place in a dining room set in the sense that it will give an extra layer of energy and colour. When mixed together Purple and Pink exude a sense of feminity and seduction.


Black & White in Between Strong Patterns



Black & White are two colours that complement each other quite well, thus the reason why they are always in fashion. The following Coll Rug was inspired by the basic and primary illustrative forms of MARIMEKKO. It is particularly noted for its brightly coloured printed fabrics and simple styles.


Resourceful Colours (White, Orange and Blue)



When mixed together, these colours have the ability to completely change a home division, creating a complex and interesting contrast. The Madeira Rug is proof of that, not to mention that its graphic nature, prominent patterns and noble materials make for an extraordinary piece.


Dark Green



Perfect for office spaces or more professional environments, the Moos Rug evokes a sense of naturality and verdure.


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