From powerful pink to minion yellow, these are the color tones you’ll see a lot in interior design color schemes in the next year. Explore now the Pantone’s color trend predictions for 2018!

Pantone Color Institute recently released the annual report with the main colors that will be trending for the upcoming seasons. With this in mind, Daily Design News will help you to be one step ahead of the most recent updates in the interior design world, offering you the mood boards below created by the luxury furniture brand BRABBU, all of them based on those trendy hue colors. If you’re wondering what are going to be the 2018 color trends predictions, these mood boards will be super useful.

Distilling the complex universe of color concepts into eight distinctively designed palettes, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2018 will help you stay well ahead.

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This home decor trend guide for 2018 will help you to take the most from your home comfort by creating the most exotic and exuberance ambiances with the most exquisite design furniture meeting luxury and the most colorful decorating ideas.


Discretion is all about nostalgic hues such as Elderberry, Hawthorne Rose, and Burnished Lilac. This color palette is subtle yet refined. Featured Products: ESSEX Armchair 


Far-fetched is a palette that embraces many different cultures. It’s a mix of rosy colors such as Iced Coffee and Ruby Wine with earthy tones like Cornsilk Yellow. Featured Products: KOI Console Table // NAJ Armchair


Intensity is an eclectic mix of colors with a touch of gold and black that convey strength, power, and sophistication. It’s all about drama and intensity. Featured Products: KOI Console Table // BEGONIA Armchair


Intricacy is all about neutral metallics, also known as the “new neutrals” while pops of color, such as Holly Berry Red and Yellow Sulfur, add drama. Featured Products: BEGONIA Armchair // MAYA Armchair


Playful is bright and quirky with a mix of Minion Yellow, Lime Popsicle, and Blue Skydives. This vibrant color palette will make you “stop and smile”. Featured Products: IBIS Sofa // AGRA Dining Table


Resourceful inspires people to use what they already have. It is a mix of orange and blue, two colors that create an interesting contrast. Featured Products: JAVA Armchair // NAJ Ottoman


TECH-nique is a nod to technology. It features colors that shine from within such as bright turquoise and fuchsia next to Brilliant White and Frosted Almond. Featured Products: AGRA Display // NANOOK Dining Chair


Verdure has a mix of vegetable-inspired colors, such as Celery and Foliage, and berry-infused purples and blues. This intense palette symbolizes health. Featured Products: MECCA Side Table // EARTH Armchair

And get the latest news about the
best design news and trends from across the world!

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