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Meet DELAKTIG, the unique modern sofa designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon that is turning the sofa design industry upside down.

If there is one thing we love about here is unique ideas when it comes to design. And if there is a piece of furniture that fills this requirement beautifully is DELAKTIG, the open-source platform that will be released later this month by IKEA, designed in partnership between the Swedish furniture giant and industrial design connoisseur Tom Dixon. The extruded aluminum structure gives it flexibility and adaptability while giving the platform a minimalist and raw aesthetic. Available in three sizes, you can choose to customize your platform based on your needs and your mood. Deliberately produced, it challenges the current conventional production of sofas and Daily Design News is about to show all you need to know about it!

In February 2018 IKEA and Tom Dixon are launching DELAKTIG. Additionally, the dynamic duo also designed accessories; add-ons to complement the platform. These can be combined in multiple ways to suit different looks, activities, and lifestyles.

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Smaller homes, more activities happening simultaneously, and new ways of socializing through technology is continuously shaping our daily lives. IKEA and Tom wanted to know what this meant for upholstered furniture. So DELAKTIG was created for better socializing solutions in a modern world where everything is constantly in flux. Its versatility allows you to cope with some of those unknowns of everyday life; whether it be cramming for your next big exam or date night.

In contrast to traditional upholstery production and design, the DELAKTIG frame is made in an industrial manner. That is one of the reasons why IKEA and Tom chose to work with aluminum. It’s great for the industrial process, and its raw aesthetics makes for a durable, lightweight frame. Because the frame is extruded it works as a carrier of attachments, extensions or additions. Its flexibility allows you alter the comfort, or add new functions – like maybe a self-made room divider, or a cozy corner for two.


Think of DELAKTIG like a blank canvas. Once you decide the size of your base, let your needs and dreams determine the rest. And, it’s never static. Turn your side table from coffee break to a workstation as often as you like.


DELAKTIG, the Swedish word for “involvement”, is largely about collaboration. Normally, IKEA works with one designer or one design team. This time around they wanted to really open up for co-creation in every sense. So they asked 75 design students across the globe to come up with their own DELAKTIG ideas.

Add a little light to the situation. The DELAKTIG lamp can be attached to the DELAKTIG frame, or stand alone as a traditional floor lamp. And, with its more than a flexible head, you can turn it whichever way you please – from ideal reading light to relaxed evening glow.

And of course, Tom and his team will also be releasing exclusive DELAKTIG accessories – so stay tuned!


IKEA and designer Tom Dixon have teamed up to challenge the upholstery industry in a way that’s never been done before. The outcome? A fresh, open take on seating. Meet DELAKTIG: a collaborative “platform for living” that invites everyone to completely make it their own.

Collaborators. Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA with Tom Dixon.

He dropped out of at school, played bass in the band, “Funkapolitan”, and taught himself how to weld and eventually produce furniture. Today, you can get a closer look at his work in his London-based research design studio, or in some of the most famous museums around the world.

«I didn’t spend more than six months in art school – I hated it. I played in a ban and had lots of time during the day. So I started doing metalwork and welding in a garage, and people started buying it. It was amazing and liberating.» (Tom Dixon)

It’s safe to say that Tom Dixon has never been one to think inside the box – an obvious quality that both him and IKEA share. But for the DELAKTIG collection, luckily, it wasn’t their similarities that made the partnership such a success, but rather combining their differences.


But more than a collaboration between Tom and IKEA, DELAKTIG is open for everyone to make it their own. During the design process, IKEA and Tom decided to turn DELAKTIG into an open-source project.

Students from Parsons school of design worked with ideas responding to small space living, loneliness, the need for comfort and meeting challenges of waste and natural disasters.

Inspired by the technology industry, they invited 75 design masters students to contribute their own fresh ideas, resulting in future coming add-ons.

Part of the aluminum profile, designed by Tom Dixon in collaboration with IKEA for the DELAKTIG collection.

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