Daily Design News Presents a Proper Guide on Window Seat Decor Ideas — Window seats offer a sleek place for work, leisure or rest – and they’re quite hip right now.

This time, Daily Design News has selected 5 smart and beautiful solutions on how to decorate to work with these spaces capable of stealing everyone’s attention. The hard part is picking just one. Take a look!

The Architectural Seat Decorating Idea

Transform a luminous spot into a form of a built-in sofa with layers of cushions, faux furs, and an elegant throw. Add in a fire place, as on top, and dive into comfort in serious home décor style even during the cold winter months. And you’ve got yourself a rather stylish window seat.

The Library Seat Decor Idea

Creating built-in storage from scratch offers a wonderful opportunity to create a window seat with a block of shelving and storage to make yourself a fast and easy-to-build window seat. Where comfort meets work in a single space.

The Storage Seat Decorating Idea

What about this great home decorating idea? Small spaces require ingenious solutions! Above, a little ingenuity transforms pull out drawers into a window seat and the often under-utilized wall above into a useful system of stacking shelves. The perfect symbioses between functionality and design.

The Indoor/Outdoor Seat Decor Idea

By designing in a very deep window sill you can create instant seating on either side of any fully-retracting window, and, like magic, you have a great place to catch up with reading, to sleep or even for star-gazing. An awesome home decor idea, fur sure!

The Study Seat Decorating Idea

Even without a super extended sill, you can still create a place to rest with a little clever architectural planning as in this garden office above, where super efficient detailing makes the most of every inch of space. With a seat like this, you’ll never run out of inspiration.

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Source: Elle Decoration