Imm Cologne is, much like the Maison et Objet, an awesome hub for youngsters to show off their incredible talent. Despite most of them has little to none market experience, they have a young blood mentality that can change the world, or so they think. Today, Daily Design News is going to show you some awesome projects that will be presented at Imm Cologne 2018 Pure Talents Awards Contest.


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From Fashion Waste to Interior Design


Sophia Buhné


In her Hamburg studio, Sophia Buhné designs and weaves her unique rugs with their surprising, exciting textures and material combinations. Using traditional looms, she is reinterpreting the rug – in a contemporary and sustainable manner, using natural and recycled materials from the fashion industry. Sometimes opulent, sometimes in an understated Nordic style, always unusual and artistic. The designer’s sustainable concept is set to make quite a statement in today’s market, thus environmental sensitivity is a trendy conception in design. Modern rugs built by re-using luxurious fabric. A perfect balance between environmental awareness and design.



”Because I love to create. Even as a child I often started my day by drawing in the kindergarten. I also enjoyed rearranging my room and frequently repainted my walls with lots of different colours. Then came my apprenticeship in a traditional and fascinating company. During that time I developed my passion for surface design through working with high-quality materials and techniques. Afterwards, it was the right decision to study textile design because it brings craft and design together.”



Varjo, a Lamp That Begs You to Touch It



Varjo is a lamp made up of six rings of different sizes. A set of elastic ribbons run through a series of slots in each ring, forming the lampshade. The rings are not fixed but free to slide up and down, by holding one and shifting it, the configuration of the whole lamp can be changed. By moving the rings not only the shape is modified but also the light intensity. The user can choose how much light to let through and how much to block. This ingenious contraption appeals to your senses, it makes you want to touch it, even though most lamps are too hot to touch them. This is what makes it unique.


Umberto Garcia


”As I remember, I unconsciously approached design since I was very young. Along with my mother and my father, an architect and a designer, we used to spend entire weekends sketching, painting and crafting. Sometimes paper wasn’t enough for me, so I went for bigger surfaces such as walls (with my mother’s joy). I had an entire partition in our house that I could use as I wanted. As a kid, I got fascinated by every sort of object. Even the tiniest one used to move my curiosity. Becoming a designer was then a direct consequence of my education and sensitivity.”



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Source: Imm Cologne