Celebrity Homes: Take a Tour into the Stoudemire Family’s Home — Former NBA ALL-STAR Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife Alexis Stoudemire provided an exclusive tour inside their own luxurious home.

Today, Daily Design News brings you some exclusive pictures of the family’s home in Southwest Ranches, in Florida. The former Knicks player takes us inside of his home and walks us through the process that was acquiring and designing his luxurious property.

Amar’e Stoudemire, playing for the New York Knicks, in Madison Square Garden, Dunking on Thadeus Young. Credits: NBA

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When the athlete, and his wife, Alexis, started to search their new family home, they had other priorities in their mind rather than style or location. It was a matter of size. “We just wanted a nice family-style home with no stairs,” said Alexis, “basically a sanctuary for us to get away from everything.”. the answer for their desires came in the form of a 3657m2 home located in Southwest Ranches, 24 km outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Despite having Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as their neighbor, what plead to the former NBA ALL-STAR was enormous 3 meters’ tall doorways, the far-reaching wall spaces, and the incredibly high ceilings.

One aspect that troubled the mind of the couple was the efficiency of the process.When they were picking their family’s new home they wanted to be able to move in quickly. No renovations, just a ready-to-inhabit home. Of course, there was some work to be done, regarding the personalization of their celebrity home, thus, they accepted the advice of Amar’e’s professional colleague’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, spouse of the former superstar Kobe Bryant, and they hired Lori Halprin to take care of the interior design of the property.

Lori is well accustomed to working with athletes who want immediate results and satisfaction, even though most of the furniture must be costume made to ensure the demands of these typically sizable people. “I understand their luxury lifestyle and know what they’re looking for,” states Halprin, the owner of Envision Fine Furnishings, who produces all her costume furniture in Los Angeles.“Often it’s the first time they’ve fit in a bed they didn’t dangle off, or sit in a sofa that actually accommodated their tall frame. I know how to make it comfortable for the rest of the family, too.” continued Lori.

Her services include everything, from pots and pans and sheets to case goods by Caracole and 121-centimetre-deep sofas (25 centimeters bigger than normal, and larger than a twin bed). “We wanted Amar’e to be able to sit in every single piece of furniture in the whole house,” says Alexis, “but we didn’t want it to be over the top and too big where everyone else looks small.” In the dining room, the host and hostess chairs are elevated, but Halprin added a pillow so it won’t feel too oversized for Alexis. She also ensured Amar’e’s most prized items—their wedding photos—were hung perfectly, along with art Halprin purchased at North Carolina’s High Point Market and his basketball memorabilia and accolades. ‘’My chin dropped all the way to my Nikes—I had to pick it back up. It was an amazing feeling: We’re home.’’ stated the baller.

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