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This event will take place in a number of historical and architectural spaces throughout the Fondazione Giorgio Cini (an international cultural centre in the island of San Giorgio Maggiore). These unique spaces will be adorned with most exquisite pieces, innovative installations as well as live showcases of artisans working on their respective arts. Sounds good, right?

“Homo Faber is an expression that was first coined during the Renaissance and it captures and celebrates the infinite creativity of human beings. The exhibit will provide a panoramic view of European fine craftsmanship but it will nevertheless have a singular undercurrent: what human beings can do better than machines.”, says Johann Rupert, Co-founder of the Michelangelo Foundation.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see things in real time and speak to artisans about their craft, reviving arts that may have got forgotten over time. Involving a combination of world-class designers, creators and architetects, including Michele de LucchiStefano Boeri, India MahdaviJudith ClarkJean Blanchaert and Stefano Micelli, Homo Faber is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

Boca do Lobo, the ultimate exclusive furniture brand of the present times, will be present at Homo Faber. Representing Portugal’s legacy with two highly curated pieces that showcase two of the most stunning and ancient arts of the country, azulejos and the art of filigree, Boca do Lobo will add its special touch to an event that will leave no one indifferent. If you’re into craftsmanship and luxury design, then Homo Faber is waiting for you!


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