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Summer calls for bold prints, bright colors and statement pieces! Put all these elements together, and what do you get? A special environment that catches the eye of anyone who visits your home!


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Now imagine having all of these exact elements reflected in each piece, creating an harmonious design where all the colors and patterns connect on a deep level with each other and with your personality. And the way to achieve this trendy solution, statement pieces. The WOW Collection, by Rug’Society!

Extending their collections from rugs into general homeware, Rug’Society introduces a collection of chairs that features some of the brand’s trendiest prints in wallpapers and rugs, creating statement pieces that can easily be combined with other elements of the house.


Palm trees, nature and a mid century vibe: Bogarde is the perfect addition to a summer inspired decoration. With green as its dominant color, this chair will go perfectly along with a nice cocktail and a good summer afternoon!


The pearly fabric with white geometric black appointments turn Ellen into a light, yet elegant, addition for any environment. Inspired in the Umlaza rug, from the modern collection, this chair is a must for anyone looking to lighten up their house.


A Mid Century vibe with wood and orange tones, combined with a bold pattern, make Malay the perfect choice to a differentiating environment. West rug was the inspiration for this iconic chair, and the two of them go together like a walk on the beach and a sunny afternoon!



Pearl and gold is a classic combination that never goes out of fashion, and Maya is the proof of that! A classic and exclusive pattern that will fit right in with any summer look, giving it a touch of timeless sophistication.

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