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No matter which tastes you have: at least a few of the summer trend colors will make you fall in love. Choose whether to brighten up your home with electric and crazy colours or with soft and relaxing tones… with our mid-century design, we are able to embrace all these summer trend colors.


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Will the obsession with Pink ever end? We hope not! Millennial Pink and Lavender: what about a combination of these?

These calming shades of pink are able to create the perfect match with the most sophisticated accessories. Such a wall full of personality embraces the mid-century style with our Armstrong floor lamp.


Wondrous Yellow: simply naturally cheerful, difficult to ignore.

If such an intense color is too much for your walls them mid-century decors it’s the solution to brighten your room to life.

Look at this Atomic Ceiling, it is the perfect match of mid-century style with a pinch of contemporary.


A distant relative of this lively yellow is Gold. Since it is a bold color it can be combined with other more natural colors trends.

This specific metallic goes well with shades of Green and our Galliano Pendant gives also a slight touch of elegance.


Palace Blue and Milky White give us deep ocean vibes.


These are the perfect colors for a sunny summer. If you love serene and fresh places the best thing to do is to combine these two with an eccentric touch that only our colorful Stanley suspension can add. If instead you want to create harmony Turner lamp will help you with seat the right mood.




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