With the warm weather approaching, summer vibes tend to invade our senses. A desire for sand in our feet, for the sound of waves, for the smell of the ocean… the perfect coastal scenario, right? What about bringing that scenario into your interior design project? Allying sophistication to natural coastal elements, PullCast has the perfect collection for any summer lover to indulge in: the Ocean collection features irreverent pull designs, made from the most exquisite handcrafting techniques, making them the statement pieces for anyone who wants to make their furniture stand out. Imagination with no limits will turn your
house into the place to be for the new season. Open your doors and let summer invade your environment!


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Being one of the most peculiar animals on our planet, the octopus was the inspiration behind this Octo pull. The shape and texture of the animal’s legs give this accessory an interesting look, making it the perfect option for anyone who wants to upgrade the looks of their furniture!



Nothing reminds us more of the ocean like the starfish. Inspired by this amazing animal, the Linckia pull is the perfect accessory for a coastal look, a taste of summer in your own home acheived by this exclusive handmade piece.



The delicateness of the shell brings to life this amazing piece. Handmade in brass, Natica materializes the concept of summer and coastal inspiration. An accessory filled with sophistication and charm, a small detail that will make all the difference in any environment.



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