Summer is just right around the corner, so, if you don’t want to waste time thinking where to go, check out our top 5 summer destinations for 2018.


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According to Google, people tend to search for destinations on early May, so prices tend to rise in that time. Florida and California are normally the top spots for people who like to explore.

Gran Canaria

Pick up your family and book a flight to Gran Canaria, it has almost 60km of beaches and a Biosphere Reserve in the west. It’s considered a tiny continent and we assure you that you’ll find things to do everyday in order to make your passage there wonderful and special. You can walk in the Canary pine forests, go to the water park, see the shopping streets, visit museums, sail out to watch whales and of course you can just relax on a beautiful beach.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City is one of the most researched places on google for a summer vacation, people love beaches and long walks in the sun but Las Vegas continues to be a hot trend. Nevertheless, the heat on Las Vegas is so extremely hot that, unless you’re parked next to a pool or you spend all of your time in an air conditioned building, almost intolerably hot.



Sometimes people forget how big Cuba is. We are talking about the largest island in the Caribbean. Cuba has the most amazing beaches and luxury resorts and it’s not only about beaches and sun, Cuba has too the most incredible places to explore and visit like hidden rain forests, for example. It’s no use going to Cuba without understanding their history, so, take a little of your vacation time and explore, learn and make yourself richer.



Caribbean are quite popular don’t you think? But Jamaica it’s a little bit different than the others, just after landing in Jamaica you can already feel the positivity and the brightness of this summer destination.



Feel amazed by the crashing waterfalls and the major wildlife zones of this amazing place that symbolizes Africa at its best. Mozambique still feels like somewhat that is undiscovered and unexplored but we still consider that its absolutely one of the best summer destinations!



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