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Later this month we will celebrate the most colourful spring holiday of the year. The guarantee of an unforgettable Easter holiday is to set the right tone for your Easter brunch tablescape. When you are planning to host your Easter brunch, the first thing to do is to remember that it is spring now, so the best options to decorate the table are fresh flowers, green grass and porcelain rabbits and eggs. In today’s post, Daily Design News is going to give you 5 stylish Easter tablescapes ideas for you to throw the perfect brunch. Hippity hoppity, Easter’s finest brunch will be on your property!


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If there’s one thing that we quickly relate to Easter is a bunny. Rabbits usually come out in the Spring, so it is perfectly normal that one associates Easter with bunnies. Anyway, if you want to adapt the fluffy little ones to the decor, try using them in crockery. It will provide your table with a fresh, youthful and somewhat playful look.



If you happen to live somewhere where the weather’s nice at this time of the year, take your brunch outside. Set the table under a nice pergola and let the fresh, spring air perfume your delicious brunch.




Have a seat at your table for old and faithful mother Nature. This beautifully simple tablescape is almost entirely composed of old twigs and moss, and it creates a fresh, healthy aura surrounding you and your guests.



You can also keep it clean and chic, by using a neutral colour palette with a few splashes of colour. Flowers can be your most trustworthy friend, but you can always add a few touches here and there with some pink (or any other spring-related colour) by simply adding some ribbons to any bottle of champagne or any spare bunny that you have lurking around the house.



If the previous suggestions don’t tick any of your boxes, you can always go green. Green’s probably the most sping-related colour there is, and it will make your guests feel welcome and happy. Also, green has some psychologic effects on a person too, as it is a colour often associated with good health and well-being.



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