13 Reasons Why Mid-Century Modern Design Still So Trendy — Nearly two decades later, mid-century modern style remains the rage. In fact, the best of mid-century design is undeniably beautiful and functional. But will we still be living in 1950s-inspired interiors through 2050? 

Presenting no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the mid-century modern design not only still trend but also has been continuously gaining followers and lovers over the years. That’s why Daily Design News features today 13 reasons why professional designers and design lovers across the world easily fall in love with the mid-century modern style.

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1- Simple Lines, Pure Forms

Mid-century interiors are all about organic style and ease of living, and that’s reflected in their structure. The simple lines and pure forms of mid-century styles are what makes it so iconic. It is simple without being boring but eye-catching without being fussy. Furniture is kept simple and without unnecessary elements.

2- Arts and Accents

The mid-century days were so rich with innovative and talented artists. Their work reflected bold new territory in the art world, and it complements this groundbreaking style perfectly. Finish the room with classic mid-century art and accents.

3- Sleek Kitchens

Mid-century kitchens were intended to represent the wave of the future. Full of showy, shiny new appliances, bright colors and space-age surfaces, they’re designed to look streamlined and cutting edge — at least for their time. Simplicity rules: slab cabinet doors, plain countertop edges, no-fuss materials.

4- ’50s and ’60s Inspiration

Modern styles move away from the simple forms of mid-century styles and have a more complex look that invokes a very vintage feel.

5- A Specifical Lifestyle

Mid-century modern design appealed to everyone. The well heeled hired the best architects of the day to design and build impressive custom homes. At the same time, suburban developers brought modern style to the masses, creating tract homes using the same design principles.

6- Iconic Furnishings

The mid-century style is unique in that it’s largely driven by innovative mass-produced furniture and accents.

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7- Outdoor Flow

Achieve a flawless balance of style and function with mid-century modern outdoor – comfortable, affordable, and crafted to withstand the elements.

8- Neutral Paired with Brights

Warm and earthy colors, largely through the natural woods that predominate, are central to the mid-century palette. Yet it wouldn’t do for this look to come across as too quiet, and a few strokes of rich, saturated color give it strength and presence.

9- Statement Lighting

The mid-century lighting pumps up a room’s drama. Although its forms are sculptural enough to double as art, the function remains paramount. Yet lighting fixtures from this era are so striking that they’ve become design motifs all their own.

10- Always “In”

The trend for mid-century modern may come and go (and come again), but one of the best parts of the mid-century modern design is the timeless quality of the individual pieces. Many designs first created in the mid-century will look just as good in a contemporary space as a mid-century modern one.

11- Still Feels Fresh

Simplicity in mid-century modern design that makes it very appealing, especially as our lives get busier. If your home decor needs a fresh statement, choose our favorite style!

12- It’s Chic

Be chic and create a mid-century design style that blends arresting shapes, graphic patterns, and quirky accents.

13- Simply put, they are amazing and everyone loves them!

The iconic TV series Mad Men is the perfect example to prove that mid-century design is and will be a design style to be copied by the TV series, by interior designers and product designers for a very, very long time.


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