The London Design Festival is just around the corner. Fast. And with it, it’s wonderful exhibitions and installations. But fear not! In this article, Daily Design News is going to show you 10 incredible exhibitions and installations you can’t miss during the Festival. We’ve selected our absolute favorite ones to get you hyped!

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Displayed in light-filled vestibules next to the Glass and Ceramics Galleries will be two sculptural pieces by Czech glassmaker Petr Stanický. “These works exist at a crossroads that lies between genuine shapes and forms, and those merely suggested by the sculptures’ imaginative illusory evocations,” Stanický says. “The mirroring e ect of their glass surfaces; the juxtaposing of at planes and dimensionality, stemming from a strati ed mesh of metal; and the accompanying enigmatic walls of glass, draw the observer into a variegated world.”

2-High Tide for Carmen

With direction by Kasper Holten, stage design by Es Devlin and video design by Luke Halls, this production pushes the boundaries of modern technology. This special display, by Susanna Boehm, will celebrate the production, bringing set models and designs to the V&A Theatre and Performance Galleries, and getting under the skin of how the Opera on the Lake is created.


The installation explores the “borders” around robot interaction, reversing the traditional “fear” portrayed in sci-fi productions of robots dethroning humans. The concept, costumes, and production were directed by BR Innovation Agency, with projection graphic technology from Holition, and dancers and choreography from the London Contemporary Ballet Theatre.

4-The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains

Presented by Pink Floyd, the V&A and Iconic Entertainment Studios Sound Experience by Sennheiser. Everyone that loves music and, of course, Pink Floyd, should attend this incredible event.

5-“Exhale” Bionic Chandelier by Julian Melchiorri

Drawing inspiration from the V&A’s collections, Julian has developed the world’s first living and breathing chandelier utilizing novel bionic-leaf technologies, made by Arborea Ltd. An unbelievable design experience.

6-Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot

The vaulted space is lit at each end to highlight and define the dramatic 35m length of the gallery, its ceiling structure and visitors to the installation. It is illuminated with Talbot’s signature of complementary blue and orange lighting, and large black reflective Barrisol panels are used to expand the width of the space, offering a fragmented view of changing colors, faceted reflections, and light. Flynn Talbot explains, “I conceived the idea standing in the gallery, and wanted to add my story on top of the beautiful existing architecture but not to take it over. With all of my work, I want to create new experiences using light that build a connection between people and place.” Truly an illuminated design experience.

7-Transmission by Ross Lovegrove

Transmission is highlighted by a fluid and elegant fusion between the color saturation of the Alcantara® material, it’s digital printing and digitally generated embroidery. The structured chiaroscuro of the tapestries is here translated into the soft rolling folds of the installation itself. Gold and silver thread will be used to capture the existing light in the space and reveal the line of the form, while the aged dyes within the tapestries have been faithfully replicated and transformed into a new digital skin. My installation is an intuitive emotional response towards the immersive physical impact of the works within the space. Transmission is the three-dimensionalization of the two-dimensional tapestries into a single, sculptural, tactile fold.’, said Ross Lovegrove about his installation.

8-Bankside Design District

The Bankside Design District is all about getting the job done, and there is a strong theme of typography in this year’s program. Font fans and type nerds will love the lettering workshops with US sign painting legend Mike Meyer, as well as a lot more in store from Better Letters. There will be a secret garden at citizen M, product launches and parties at designer-maker enclave Oxo Tower Wharf and a brand new commission in the series of ‘Colourful Crossings’ installations.

9-100% Design 2017

Each year 100% Design picks up a theme, which is reflected in its installations, features, talks shows and design show. For the 2017 edition, the theme is  ‘Elements’, which considers everything, from the fundamentals of design to the component parts that make up a product.

10-Villa Walala by Camille Walala

Villa Walala is an exuberantly colorful and unexpected architectural project in Exchange Square, Broadgate. Made from vinyl, sealed PVC inners and high-strength nylon, it is a ‘soft-textured building-block castle’ covered and colored with digitally printed patterns. The component shapes are stuck to the ground and inflated by fans, transforming them from flat forms into a 3D temporary island of shape and color that begs to be explored, invites playfulness, relieves stress, and visually dominates the area.

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