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10 Halloween Interior Design Ideas that Are Both Spooky and Chic — With these amazing Halloween home decor ideas, you and your guests will never sleep quietly again!

In case you’re in the mood to swap your usual dollar store Halloween party decor for something way much too adult and elegant, then don’t look any further, because Daily Design News‘ editors have compiled some interior design ideas for Halloween that everyone will want to copy: it will be lovely and scary as death!


There are tons of holidays around the year, but Halloween holds a certain “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to decoration ideas. Usually associated with orange pumpkins and black and orange home decor, Halloween decoration can also be luxurious too. So it’s time to change that concept and start decorating with other elegant shades.

Take a look at these spooky and chic decor ideas and have the most wonderful and unforgettable Halloween ever!

Forget plastic pumpkins and faux cobwebs. With these amazing decorating ideas, you can celebrate the scary season without sacrificing sophistication. The decorations above walk the line between eerie and elegant so well that you’ll wish you could keep them on display all year long. After all, not even orange and black can knock your home off its style game, right?!

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